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Petition Summary and Background: By signing below, I verify that I am familiar with one or more of the members and/or employees of PA Cannabis. I have examined information about the group, and believe in the group’s commitment to administering top quality dispensaries in a legal manner. It is also dedicated to providing a greater humanistic and sympathetic understanding of the differing needs and challenges faced by a wide range of future clients. I heartily recommend the selected staff and administrators as being of the highest character and ability to perform successfully this type of public service. I know that the organization as an entity strives to remain a few steps ahead of the curve in terms of knowledge, experience and responsibility to the customer. I have looked at their online introduction, the mission statement and management approaches, and I believe that PA Cannabis will be a strong force in the transition into this new field of medical treatment. I examined the company’s policy statements and received all of the feedback and information that I requested. I enthusiastically urge the Commonwealth to choose this local organization for its accomplished collective credentials, and for its readiness to interact and contribute in the vanguard of this new medical paradigm. 

PA Cannabis is populated by a majority of women, along with senior citizens, minorities, persons with fully accommodated disabilities, and others with an appreciation of what it feels like to be the underdog in society. They know the importance of people being able to function unfettered and fully engaged in the community at large. They are all local residents and natives of the Lehigh Valley and adjoining counties. They have a welcoming, inclusive and understanding attitude. The organization is dedicated to compliance with its legal mandate, and has even prepared literature and videos explaining the law and the medical guidelines of the new law. The group offers orientation sessions and in-depth seminars for both employees and customers. The company is also committed to using the advantages of the Internet and the technology to provide the quickest and most accurate services to the client. It will use digital resources where appropriate to distribute information, schedule services, conduct business, and to provide instructional videos for those interested. As a signer below, I highly recommend PA Cannabis. The members and employees are professional yet also human and compassionate. I am confident that the patients who visit the PA Cannabis, facility as customers will be treated with the greatest respect and consideration for their health problems, chronic conditions and physical handicaps. It would be a great benefit to all of the people and interested groups in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for a permit to be granted to this special organization. It has successfully inculcated into its culture that extra element of generous human respect and affection that is critical today in communicating effectively with persons receiving services or products within the health care process.

PA Cannabis. Is a fully Member Funded Organization without outside debt whose members are all Pennsylvania natives who have lived their lives here, who are committed to the principal of Medical Relief through legally authorized Cannabis Therapy, and who are not associated with any Pharmaceutical Companies or interested parties.