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Medical Marijuana Discoveries


Recent and older studies verifying the many curative powers of medical marijuana are exciting testimonials to the collective wisdom of our state legislators. They stepped forward, did the necessary homework, and made the right decision for the people of Pennsylvania. The new legislation approving medical marijuana in the treatment of over a dozen conditions and diseases is a bold and necessary step forward for our state and its people. As more information is studied and learned, new treatment protocols for additional conditions will be discovered. Coming with the imprimatur of some of the world’s most accomplished medical experts, these new discoveries will likely be incorporated in a timely manner as additional approved uses in the Pennsylvania law.

The breakthroughs in cancer research and other important diseases have demolished some once-solid barriers against the idea of implementing medical marijuana in mainstream healthcare. There are no further inferences that medical marijuana is a mere platform to promote future recreational uses. The subject has been legitimatized hundreds of times over through high-level professional studies in recent years. The tide of information on the extraordinary healing powers of Cannabinoids has been positive and progressively more clear. For example, a May 2015 report of the National Cancer Institute concluded that Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive chemical derived from marijuana, has the remarkable ability to stop tumor growth by killing breast cancer cells and protecting the good cells at the same time. The report summarized several different studies by respected experts at various institutions. In fact, a line of research regarding breast cancer and other critical cancers has repeatedly shown the ability of CBD to kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells. As studies from several different sources continue to repeat the same results, the contribution of

               Cannabinoids to the treatment of cancer seems to be a definite reality on the horizon. We await more tests and further findings, and we look to a day when the ravages of cancer will be far more subject to human knowledge and control.  


               The latest study regarding medical marijuana shows promise for the rapid healing and strengthening of bones in relation to trauma from bone fractures. Published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, the study provides proof that CBD, the same chemical that has anti-tumor effects, is also a super-healer of bone fractures. The study shows that fractured bone is melded back together much better with the addition of CBD, and that the fracture heals quicker and even makes the bones stronger and harder to break than before the injury. The study was accomplished by researchers at Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University. Researchers explained that the chemical does not contain THC (the ingredient that causes the marijuana high). The chemical enhances the maturation of the Collagenous matrix, which provides the basis for new mineralization of bone tissue, making the healed bone harder to break in the future.

A less dramatic but critically important goal of the medical marijuana movement has been the effort to increase the level of medical research that is taking place. As is so often the case with all things marijuana, the federal government’s archaic policy in this area has been a major stumbling block. The unsubstantiated classification of marijuana with the hard drugs on the schedule of controlled substances has made it difficult to foster high-level medical research partnerships between the federal agencies and private research groups. Nonetheless, the studies are coming at a faster pace than before, and the federal government has made some concessions toward opening the research barriers.

One of the most fascinating subjects of medical marijuana research is the discovery that the human body has receptors that respond to Cannabinoid compounds and that these receptors exist outside of the brain as well as in it. A researcher on the bone healing project stated, “We only respond to cannabis because we are built with intrinsic compounds and receptors that can also be activated by compounds in the cannabis plant.” This is fascinating proof that Mother Nature has created a transcendent connection between the human body and the chemical ingredients of the marijuana plant.

It is difficult to believe that this natural receptivity is meant to remain undiscovered and unused. Considering the beneficial discoveries to date, it seems likely that human evolution is foretelling a coming junction of the human body and the spirit of knowledge and healing that resides within the DNA essence of the marijuana plant. It is as though we are on a path toward finding our greater self, our fulfilled, healthy self that we seem destined to intersect with this powerful medicinal component to the puzzle. Certainly the forces of nature would not have bothered to put these cures in place were it not our natural heredity to discover them!  

                 As we have reported in this Article, nature has endowed the marijuana plant with over 400 different chemicals, with only about 70 of those being classified as Cannabinoids. With the amount of success found so far in just a relatively small amount of research, there is likely an untapped reservoir of medical healing associated with the array of chemicals available from this ages-old plant. We hope that you will join this organization in supporting expanded research of medical marijuana uses and therapies. If you have not yet signed our petition, please do so before you exit the site. We are your local voice in promoting the expansion of scientific knowledge regarding the health care challenges that are so important to the future of mankind.

Right now, we need your voice and your support to obtain the license approval that will be issued by the authorities in Harrisburg. When we receive the license approval, our facilities will open their doors. We are prepared to serve your informational and medical needs. In the meantime, this website will remain a central nerve center for our campaign to implement the new law. Please contact us with your concerns, questions or if you would like to join our team in getting the word out.

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