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Marijuana is Medicine and it's Coming to Pennsylvania

Public Opinion Now at 89% Approval of Medical Marijuana

Public opinion has been a powerful motivator of the movement to legalize medical marijuana. As legislators in the states learned that their constituencies wanted these medical options to be made available, the process of legalization began in earnest. A recent survey, conducted by Quinnipiac University, concludes that the current approval rate for medical marijuana is 89 percent. These phenomenal results are consistent with prior polls showing a steadily increasing majority support for MM among all strata of American society. Support was equally enthusiastic across social and cultural categories, such as age, race, gender, education. It was even consistent across political lines, with Republicans generally favoring mm as much as Democrats and Independents.

The University surveyed 1,561 persons in late May and released the research just a few days ago. On the federal level, progress was made by passing budget language that blocks federal prosecutors and anti-drug agents from targeting state medical marijuana programs. That is a major step forward due to the nagging problem of marijuana still being classified in the most restricted category by the federal schedule of controlled substances. That unsupported classification is surely doomed, but the question is how long will it take the federal government to reclassify marijuana as a non-dangerous substance, on a level with other prescription or non-prescription drugs. At this time in the country, with public opinion solidly in favor of medical marijuana, the remaining 25 or so states should fall relatively quickly into the medical marijuana column. It is a good guess that most of the states will be passing this kind of legislation in the next few years.

With overwhelming public approval, a host of state laws, and a growing trend toward federal protection, the medical marijuana industry in Pennsylvania is now ready to move into solid first gear, with second gear hopefully just a few short months down the road. Doctors are fully protected under the new laws, and the patient who qualifies through a doctor’s recommendation will be legally authorized to possess and use the medication in the amount and form as provided by law. PA Cannabis hopes to get a permit to operate a dispensary within that legal framework.

Experts often observe that the success of a state’s newly instituted program will depend largely on the willingness of doctors to move forward and embrace these new therapeutic modalities. Some state programs have inched along due to luke-warm involvement by medical providers. However, we fully expect the cutting-edge medical institutions in the Lehigh Valley to take the new program seriously and to integrate its modalities into their operations. At the same time, doctors will independently seek approval so that they can make the approved treatments available to their patients.

Although PA Cannabis is itself in the pre-approval process at this time, we nonetheless will be happy to provide educational assistance to doctors who are interested in the program. Getting approved is a painless procedure that is explained for doctors in other pages on this website. We will assist medical providers to set up their programs by providing resources and expert technical services where appropriate under state regulations. We welcome inquiries by doctors who want to get further information or assistance.  

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