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Medical Marijuana Discoveries


Recent and older studies verifying the many curative powers of medical marijuana are exciting testimonials to the collective wisdom of our state legislators. They stepped forward, did the necessary homework, and made the right decision for the people of Pennsylvania. The new legislation approvin…

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PA Cannabis Reports: What is Medical Marijuana?

   Medical Marijuana may turn out to be one of the greatest miracles that Mother Nature has given to us to fight the human vulnerability to disease. As such, Medical Marijuana may give many of us more years to be creative in our work, to be with our grandchildren, to travel the world and to simp…

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Marijuana is Medicine and it's Coming to Pennsylvania

Public Opinion Now at 89% Approval of Medical Marijuana

Public opinion has been a powerful motivator of the movement to legalize medical marijuana. As legislators in the states learned that their constituencies wanted these medical options to be made available, the process of legalization began …

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Change is in the air as Pennsylvania adds Medical Marijuana Therapies


Now that medical marijuana is officially legal in Pennsylvania, there is great anticipation about the parameters of what will be allowed under the state’s Medical Marijuana Act, known also as Act 16. With 24 states now approving the use of medical marijuana for specified medical afflic…

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Congress Approves Medical Marijuana Counseling for Veterans


The tide continues to move in favor of medical marijuana on the federal level. As Pennsylvania became the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana, the United States Congress took some baby steps in the same direction. On May 19, the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate approved …

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Buy Local - Spend it Here, Keep it Here!

Support Your Local Pa Cannabis in the Upcoming Dispensary Permit Application Process.

Now that Pennsylvania has joined half of the states in the country to receive medical marijuana investments, the floodgates will be open to big money interests who specialize in taking control of the newly…

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